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MEC packing machines

Vertical and horizontal packing systems MEC are automatic and electro-pneumatic machines for 
packaging in plastic bags. 
The main features of our products are the high quality of the components according to an extreme simplicity of use and maintenance. Our machines, in fact, are composed by kit which are mechanically and electronically independent one from each other, which can be partially  or completely replaced very quickly, avoiding unwanted and expensive production’s stop. 
The mechanical parts are made both premium quality purchase  components and components produced
in our factory. These components are submitted to long and severe tests in order to guarantee their maximum lifetime.
Electronic parts are managed by a PLC and by a software developed by ourselves, which also allows the machine to be used even by inexperienced staff.

MEC 350
Technical sheet
MEC 550
Technical sheet

MEC 550 XL
Technical sheet

Horizontal MEC 550
Technical sheet

MEC 550 40°
Technical sheet

MEC 800
Technical sheet


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